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HUMMER H1 Aluminum A/C Vent Housing (1-Housing)

Aluminum A/C Vent Housing
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Aluminum A/C Vent Housing
Item# MM-HUM-INT-0019
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Product Description

Aluminum A/C Vent Housing
HUMMER H1 Aluminum A/C Vent Housing (1-Housing)

Mod Mafia has produced a new style of AC Vent Housing with vent stabilization. Over time the factory vents begin to stick or not hold their last position. Sometimes the cheap factory plastic is not up to the rigors of off-road abuse or tends to just naturally crack with use. We wanted to go beyond just the AC Vent Bezels as an option and thought the aftermarket consumer would want more. Thatís why our AC Vent Housing is anodized aluminum which includes special rubber bushings to help hold and stabilize the AC Vent. This also provides for a very smooth operating action.

The finish is done by the same company that does all the Entropy Offroad bezels so it will be an exact match.

What's included:

- AC Vent Housing and allen head hardware (specify if you want black or stainless steel)

What's not include:

- the factory internal black fins are not included. You remove them from your stock housing and put it in the Mod Mafia housings

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