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Hummer H1 Sheppard Steering Kit

Hummer H1 Sheppard Steering Kit
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Hummer H1 Sheppard Steering Kit
Item# MM-HUM-STE-0005
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Product Description

Hummer H1 Sheppard Steering Kit
Hummer H1 Sheppard Steering Kit. Steering Gear and Linkages Sold Separately.

This kit is a fabricated installation. It is meant to provide the original geometry and more robust installation than other kits on the market. By direct attachment to the frame, this kit provides a stronger mounting surface and increases the strength of the frame-rail. This weld on kit, allows the idler/pitman to stay more parellel with each other than other kits on the market due to the closeness to the framerail and better angle of installation to the centerlink. This kit is very easy to inspect with no hidden bolts or hardware that is hard to see.

This steering kit addresses all concerns by attaching the M83 box in the correct location just like the box was installed on later model H1s. This allows the correct geometry to be achieved. On top of that it adds additional plate on each side of the frame and increases the size and thickness of the frame bosses. This kit is stronger than the original design!

It is an extremely important modification to the Hummer H1 and HMMWV platfroms. Read below and watch the commercial for more information.

Kit Includes the Following:

1/4" Frame Formed Inner Frame Plate with Boss Holes

1/4" Frame Formed Outer Frame Plate with Boss Holes

1.375" x 0.375" DOM Frame Bosses

Grade 8 Fine Thread Hardware (bolts & washers)

HumveeLife Commercial for the Steering Kit

H1 Sheppard Box Conversion Kit

Provides a means to convert the weak saginaw box to the Sheppard M83 Box correctly

Allows the use of Alpha (or ECV) pitman and idler arms which have larger joints

Maintains correct pitman and idler arm angles

Provides full steering travel

Strengthens/reinforces frame

​Sheppard Box provides a better steering ratio to move larger tires

Better driver feedback

Increaseed durability of overall steering system

* Other Items Needed to complete installation of Sheppard Steering Gear:

- 6037658 - GEAR, STEERING -SHEPPARD - 6042774 - ECV COVER STEERING ARM RH FRONT - 6042773 - ECV COVER STEERING ARM LH FRONT - 12506987 - ADAPTER POWER STEERING - 12506986 - FITTING ADAPTER, P/S PUMP - 6035179 - PITMAN ARM - 5746473 - ECV Pitman Bolt - 6028683 - ECV Idler - 6500007 - CENTER LINK, STEERING

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